So I went to South Korea mid October 2016 for 8 days and visited Seoul, Jeju and Busan. There’s more pictures on my Instagram: Happyypigg. This trip was free and easy hence much effort on planning the trip was done before the trip. 

1. Air Tickets 

I wanted to save time hence I opted for direct return flight to/from Seoul. The flight is approximately 7 hours from SIN to INC. Landed in Incheon International Airport. Note that there are 2 airports: Incheon & Gimpo and Gimpo is nearer to the heart of Seoul. 

I travelled to Jeju in between. Had registered an account on the JejuAir website and booked one way flight from Gimpo Airport to Jeju Aiport. 

Also visited Busan after that. Via JejuAir, I  booked one way flight from Jeju Airport to Gimhae International Airport in Busan. 

2. Train tickets (KTX) 

Before the trip, I went to the korail website and made a reservation for KTX from Busan to Seoul. The prices are stated on the website and I believe if you’re traveling from Busan to Seoul without visiting another places along the tracks, a one way flight would be more affordable. Nevertheless, it’s an experience to keep a lookout for zombies like the movie “Train to Busan”. 

3. Accommodation 

Instagram: AirBnB

I have relied on AirBnB (refer to my previous post on guide) for most of my trips and it never disappoints me. The apartments I’ve stayed during this trip in both Seoul and Busan is generally convenient, neat and clean. 
In Jeju, I stayed in Hotel Leo, it provides Airport transfers upon reservation, 10 minutes drive from the airport and also walking distance to shopping district. 

Tip I: Opt for apartment that has heating floor (yes, the floor is warm), wifi and washing machine (look at point 4). 

Tip II: Stay in districts that are convenient to shopping districts and the airport; two examples are: 

  •  Seoul Station (with Airport railroad, Line 4 and Line 1)
  • Hongik University (with Airport railroad and Line 2)

4. Luggage (packing)

    If you manage to book an apartment with washing machine, you need not bring too many clothes as you’ll be able to do laundry (it’s only a few pieces of clothing). Equals to traveling there light-weight = more space to accomodate all your goods. 

    Do take note of the weather and possible drastic change in temperature. I went there the week after Typhoon Chaba hits both Jeju and Busan and the weather is much colder than it is supposed to be. 

    Keep a lookout for my upcoming posts on the rest of the trip!


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