Travelling to and around in Singapore 

Here are some of tips to take note if you’re travelling to Singapore! 

1. We’re a little red dot located beneath the South of Malaysia on the World Map. 

2. Singapore Airlines is the flag carrier of Singapore. It is regarded as a Singaporean symbol and icon. According to Skytrax on World’s Top 100 Airlines in 2016, Singapore Airlines ranked 3rd, behind Emirates (1st) and Qatar Airways (2nd). 

3. There’s is only 1 airport in Singapore named Singapore Changi International Airport and 4 terminals; T1, T2, T3 and  T4 (to be ready in 2017). The airport is located in the East side of Singapore. 

4. We speak English and Singlish. Singlish is English with Singaporean Slang. Find out more on YouTube when you search Singlish! 

5. Our population consists of these ethic groups; Chinese, Malays, Indians and others. 

6. There’s approximately more than 5 million people living on our small little island. 

7. We have a very extensive train transportation system called the Mass Rapid Transport system (MRT in short). Hence, if you’re going around Singapore and looking for the train/subway/metro station, you may just use the term “MRT” instead. Search for “Singapore MRT Map” online! 

8. We have a transportation card called the EZ-LINK (pronounce: eee-zee-link) card and we can use it to take MRT / buses / purchase food from convenience stores / pay for McDonalds etc. 

9. We have buses and taxi/cabs as well. Oh, and if your country does have the apps; Uber and Grab, we have them here as well so planned trips with these 2 apps are no problem here. 

10. Unfortunately for Singaporeans, we do not experience 4 seasons and is under almost constant temperature of an average of 30 Degrees Celsius. 

11. Orchard Road (Nearest MRT: Red Line – Orchard) is the retail and entertainment hub of Singapore. This area is a major tourist attraction. 

12. Sentosa is a popular island resort in Singapore. Attractions includes the Universal Studios Singapore (USS), beaches, Fort Siloso, 2 golf courses, the Merlion and 14 hotels. 

13. The Merlion is a well-known marketing icon of Singapore. It is depicted as a mythical creature with a lion head and body of  fish. 

14. Our currency is Singapore Dollar (S$) and the currency dominations are:

  • Coins in Silver: 5 cents, 10 cents, 20 cents and 50 cents
  • Coin in Gold: 1 dollar 
  • Notes used mainly: $2 (in purple), $5 (in green), $10 (in red), $20 (in yellow), $50 (in blue), $100 (in orange) and $1000 (in dark purple)

15. Chilli Crab and Hainanese Chicken Rice are some of the famous dishes in Singapore. 

Let me know if there are other things you would like to know prior to your trips to Singapore 🙂


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